We strongly believe that yoga should be for everyone, regardless of your age or fitness level. We teach people of all ages, from children to people in their 80’s. That’s why we have designed our classes to suit a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for a class to stretch, increase flexibility and relax or a stronger more dynamic class to increase strength and fitness, InSync has an option that’s right for you.Our approach is based on Classical Yoga which offers a complete approach to the development of your body, mind and life. This means it offers a more complete approach to yoga which incorporates breathing practices, mindfulness and meditative practices designed to really settle the mind and body and help you feel great. 

Whichever class you attend, the teacher will endeavour to make sure you feel more in sync, that is, more relaxed, energised and focused. We offer a variety of classes to suit a range of different needs. This includes everything from stronger, dynamic classes including power yoga and vinyasa flow through to gentler general wellbeing classes. Most of our classes from the general well being to the power yoga are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students.

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