1. Important Notices
1.1. All sports carry inherent risks. You accept these risks and are responsible for your own actions and involvement.
1.2. By entering the DHI Sports Centre, you have accepted, and agreed to comply with, these Terms and Conditions.
1.3. If you do not act in accordance with our Terms and Conditions you may be asked to leave the Hockey and Tennis Centre without any entitlement to a refund.
1.4. In making a booking on behalf of a group, you are responsible for ensuring all group members comply with these Terms and Conditions.
1.5. No coaching services (whether or not for payment) may be carried out at the Centre without the prior written consent of the manager of DHI Sports Centre. Anyone found to be providing such services without the necessary consent may be asked to leave DHI sports Centre without any entitlement to a refund.
2. Cancelling or re-scheduling a booking
2.1. If you decide to cancel your booking you will not be entitled to a refund. However, if you give us at least 3 days’ notice, we will try to re-schedule your booking to another time.
2.2. If you give us less than 3 days’ notice, an administration fee of Rs 50.00 will be payable to re-schedule your booking .
2.3. If extreme weather conditions prevent the use of the Outdoor Courts, at the discretion of our staff, you may be given the opportunity to transfer your booking subject to paying any applicable difference in price.
3. Footwear and clothing
3.1. Non-marking training shoes worn whilst on the Courts at all times.
3.2. We recommend wearing shoes designed for each specific sport.
3.3. When using the DHI sports,please follow the advice of the staff regarding what clothing and safety equipment should be worn.

4. Policies and information
4.1. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes or any other artificial cigarettes or smoking devices) is not permitted anywhere within the Centre.
4.2. If you wish to use sound or video recording equipment within the Centre, please speak with a member of our staff before doing so.
4.3. The DHI sports center management accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any personal items brought into the Centre.
4.4. The Trust accepts no responsibility for any information displayed or broadcast in the Centre by any third party.
4.5. If you lose your membership card and need a replacement, a Rs 200.00 administration fee will be charged.
5. Your responsibilities
5.1. Please follow all safety and information signs displayed around the Centre.
5.2. Any accidents or incidents should be reported to a member of our staff before you leave the Centre.
5.3. Please treat the property and facilities with care. Any or equipment hired from us remains your responsibility until you have returned it.
5.4. After your activity, please take your equipment to reception as soon as you can so that it can be checked. We reserve the right to seek to recover from you the cost of replacing or repairing damaged equipment.
5.5. Please do not leave any items unattended.
6. Respecting our staff and customers
6.1. The Center operates several activities simultaneously and therefore the facility is shared by a range of different customer groups. Please respect other players and be aware of your surroundings.
6.2. Please follow any instructions given by our staff.
6.3. Please do not distract others while they are participating in an activity.
6.4. Dangerous or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are part of a group which causes a disturbance, the group will be treated as one and our staff have the right to remove the whole group from the Centre and no refunds will be given.