Dhi Sports is the place to play various games under one roof.  Being a member, you can avail access at more affordable price. We have family membership as well at an affordable rate.  

We have the membership tenure from 1 year , 2 Years & 3 years. 

The following are the Benefits of being a member at Dhi Sports.

  • Eligibility for Coaching Classes
  • Concessional Rates for hourly court bookings
  • Priority on court booking
  • Family membership – Children can avail coaching facility
  • Get discount on Tournament Fee.

Membership Fee

Individual Membership

Family/Group Membership

1 Year

Rs. 4000.00

Rs. 6000.00

2 Years

Rs. 5000.00

Rs. 8000.00

3 Years

Rs. 6000.00

Rs. 10000.00