Indians have the born skill of archery in them. Our Ansistors were great archers having fought various battles. Unlike Cricket, Hockey, badmintor, Archery has not been explored more in India. With this level of exposure and opportunity, our archer Limba Ram , who represented India in Asian Archery Championship and won the gold medal for the India in this event. He was awarded Arjuna Award 1991 and Padmasri Award in 1992.   Now archery is one of the games being focussed in KehloIndia an Initiative from Indian Government improving games and sports in India.

Dhi sports is one of the very few locations coaching Archery in Bangalore. We have a good facility to get trained in Archery. Regular Coaching classes are being conducted by efficient trainer who has produced players representing state and nation. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The Course contains the following activities.

  • Warm-up
  • Right Posture
  • Aim
  • Controlling the bow
  • Pulling the bow
  • Controlling the arrow
  • Focussing
  • Concentration

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